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Let's Talk

Do you have a great story and need suggestions on where you could perform it? Or perhaps you have an idea for a story and want to work on it with someone? Did you hear about Suitcase Stories or WGBH's Stories from the Stage and think you might like participate? Let's talk. 

The only thing I love more than sharing and listening to stories is contributing to the expansion of the storytelling community.  It's as exciting to encourage a first time teller to share as it is to work with a community partner to bring storytelling to a new neighborhood as a means to advance community.

Whatever your interest, I am hear to listen and help where I can. 




Suitcase Stories Curator

Suitcase Stories is a live traveling storytelling series. A partnership between the International Institute of New England and Massmouth, the series features U.S. and foreign-born residents sharing immigrant and refugee stories. 

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Stories from the Stage Curator

Stories from the Stage, a partnership with Massmouth, WGBH, and World Channel, illustrates the power of real stories told by masterful storytellers and newcomers to the craft. Each TV episode explores the art of storytelling with a host introducing the episode’s theme, interviews with each teller talking about their craft, their amazing on-stage performances.

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Checkered Floors solo-performance

 A recent college graduate who returns to Maine amid the arrival of 2.500 Somali migrants must face the hilarities and horrors of her homecoming as she works to help her new neighbors make homes of their own. Written and performed by Cheryl Hamilton. 

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Massmouth  Co-Director

Massmouth is a non-profit organization that promotes the timeless art of storytelling in Massachusetts. Since its founding, Massmouth, Inc. has changed the way Greater Boston and the surrounding communities tell and listen to stories.

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Shared Worlds Researcher

Shared Worlds is a unique research project of Clark University’s Department of International Development, Community, and Environment that explores the relationships between U.S. and foreign-born residents in Worcester, and the effect these relationships, or lack thereof, have on individuals’ lives. 

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Feature Storyteller and Coach

Cheryl routinely performs throughout New England with Massmouth, WGBH, The Moth, Story Space, SoundBites, The Corner, and other story communities. She also loves introducing others to the craft and helping people develop their stories. 

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